Our Approach

We are keeping the world moving. Whether you’re in the back seat or at the front, your safety is our commitement and technology is at the heart of our approach. We partner with safety personnel and develop new technologies and systems to help create a world where it’s safe and easy for everyone to get moving. By creating an hassel free environment where people from any background can ride, we’ll make a better  place for our employees and our customers.

Our Story

Starting from 1 Car, running for years and making a difference in service is not easy and yes, we did it! We are now growing, growing with the fastest pace. 50 people are travelling with us on daily basis from Ujjain to Indore and with returning home safely.

Meet the Team

We are team of people who are working sleeplessly to make your journey pleasant and memorable.


Shivendra Singh Yadav

Founder, CEO & Director

We are working hard to make your destination easy.

" You concentrate on your destination and we will take care of your path" -Shivendra


Pooja Thakur.

Vice President


CARA Cardon


All economic offers you are getting are planned by Mr. Tegan.

Next Steps...

Please call us to make your booking. you are just a one call away from your destination.